Sistemas de Control de la Contaminación del Aires

cement plant

Cement Plant

AAF provides filtration equipment required for the cement plant including baghouses for the kiln, raw mill, alkali bypass, coal mill, clinker cooler, and cement mill as well as air to air heat exchangers.

steel mill

Steel Mill

AAF can design all the equipment for exhaust fume filtration for any type of steel mill application including filtration equipment for electric arc furnaces to AODs.

waste incinerator

Waste Incinerator

AAF designs the baghouse and associated equipment to withstand the corrosive and abrasive nature of the exhaust gas from waste incinerators.

high temperature

High Temperature Applications (Biofuel, Syngas)

AAF's standard designs can be customized to fit your process needs where maintaining gas temperatures above 700°F.

metal smelting

Metal Smelting

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